Digital Printing for Direct Mail

Client: Regional Apparel and Home Goods Retailer


  • 700 Customized digital print versions created
  • Highly personalized messaging increased response rate by 2%
  • Incremental $1.25 spend per customer mailed
  • Generated $220,000 in incremental profit


Our client is a regional apparel and home goods retailer located in the Southeast. The company relies heavily on direct mail to drive sales from existing customers, sending 20 to 30 campaigns a year using traditional printing methods that made it impossible to create cost-effective, targeted direct mail campaigns. They wanted to take advantage of advancements in digital printing to maximize their direct mail investment by turning those campaigns into highly relevant, targeted communications designed with the customer in mind.


The goal of the digital print test was to increase the response to direct communications and increase sales by creating customized mailings through digital printing.


Lift361’s data analysis identified the products that were hot sellers during the timeframe of the mailing, giving customer insight into the type of relevant content that would have the biggest impact on driving sales. From there, the retailer created a mailer with different content zones that could be mixed and matched to customers’ interests.

Once the structure of the mailer was developed and content options were written, data modeling paired the most relevant content for customers based on shoppers’ previous behavior and demographic profile. Nearly 700 different combinations of the 4-panel mailer were digitally printed, targeted with relevant and appropriate products, messaging and offers.


The results of customized, personalized communication led to a 2% increase in customer response, driving an extra $1.25 per customer who received the mailing. This netted the retailer an additional $0.44 profit per customer.

By mailing 500,000 customers they drew in an extra 10,000 shoppers during the offer period. Those shoppers generated an additional $635,000 in sales and $220,000 in profit that would not have been realized without this sophisticated approach to targeting and personalization.


Learn how to make your next mail campaign more targeted so more customers are reached.