Unleash the customers’ maximum potential.

In addition to gathering data, Lift361 specializes in putting that data to work to help you understand your customer better – her lifestyle, her buying and spending habits, her needs, and her preferences.

We break it down into three easy views – her lifestyle profile, her buying segment and other differentiating attributes. This proprietary methodology uncovers a customers’ habits, motivations, and attitudes. We don’t stop at what they buy, when, or how. We ask, “Why” and “What’s Next?”

Through this process, a complete 3-dimensional view of the customer begins to emerge. Digging into the customers’ thought processes and anticipated future behaviors helps us provide the insights that can transform your business.

Our Methods

  • Segmentation & Profiling
  • Segmentation Modeling & Analytics
  • Customer Behavior Modeling
  • Velocity Customer Retention Programs
  • Attrition Prevention Programs
  • Customer Response Analysis
  • Lifecycle Modeling
  • New Customer Development Programs

Segmentation & Profiling

Some customers are more valuable than others, and marketers cannot afford to treat them all alike.

Segmentation Modeling & Analytics

Segmentation modeling and analytics is about answering the question of “why” a customer is spending a certain way and predicts what that customer is likely to buy next.

Customer Behavior Modeling

Customer behavior modeling is the practice of using past transactional data to predict the likelihood of future transactions.

Velocity Customer Retention Programs

To keep customers engaged in your store and to halt decline of spending, we identify statistically significant behavior and relate it to historical patterns. We then look at times when customers accelerate their spending or degrade in their spending and see how we can maximize customer value.

Attrition Prevention Programs

When customers leave, our attrition prevention program identifies those who are most likely to re-engage with the brand. It also creates a trigger program that offers the customer strong incentives, thus improving the likelihood that the customer will re-engage with the brand.

Customer Response Analysis

A customer response analysis makes sure every communications effort is measurable and results are benchmarked against key performance indicators.

Lifecycle Modeling

Lifecycle modeling helps clients become sustainable businesses, with valuable customers, through efficient and timely acquisition, growth, retention, attrition and reactivation programs.

New Customer Development Programs

We develop thorough customer development programs that ensure a customer becomes loyal and engaged with a particular brand.

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