Put analytics in action.

With the right data in place and a thorough understanding of the customer, our proprietary programs and techniques ensure your data becomes a strategic tool that drives improved performance, maximizes customer value, accelerates sales, and increases profitability.

With powerful and proven methodologies, Lift361 helps drive sales by:

  • Increasing personalization and relevance – Leveraging customer understanding to identify relevant products, offers, channels and lifestyles to drive sales. The more relevant the marketing, the higher the sales.
  • Improving response – Targeting the best customers through response or lift modeling, contact plans, and online/offline strategies.
  • Optimizing your marketing spend – Improving marketing optimization by ensuring a positive impact through media mix and channel responsiveness. How and where do your customers prefer to communicate? Direct mail, free-standing inserts, shared mail, e-mail, texts and/or social media — Lift361 can help identify the media mix that will deliver the highest return in terms of customer development, retention and reactivation. We can also help identify the optimum media strategy for driving response and marketing ROI for marketing investments.
  • Quantifying success – Delivering reporting to measure the response of communications and benchmarks against key performance indicators to assess lift and return on investment.
  • Putting answers at your fingertips – Providing data access, visualization and empowerment to instill a culture around data.
  • Become a data-driven organization – Supporting operations by going beyond marketing to make solid decisions on store locations, pricing, merchandise planning and many other areas of your business.

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