Ed Higdon

Deep down, Ed is all about numbers. But along the course of his career, he's also developed exceptional communication skills. This rare combination gives Ed the ability not only to understand business problems, but also to strategize, create and deploy innovative programs to address them.

With 20 years of experience in financial and business intelligence, Ed's powerful mix of high-level analytics methodology and battle-tested strategic implementation experience pays off for our clients. Among his aptitudes are analyzing key performance indicators, evaluating financial efficiencies and developing ROI models and metrics.

Ed's business and analytics background has been integral to the success of acquisition and retention programs for clients including Goody's Family clothing, the World of Disney Stores, Saks Inc., Physician's Mutual Insurance, American Express Travel Related Services, Schering Corporation, BellSouth and other marketers.

Ed has served as an advisor to investors in the print and distribution fields, and as a business owner in the retail and service arenas.  Ed earned his undergraduate degree in corporate finance at the University of Alabama.

Carol Davis

Resourceful and bright, Carol heads up the Lift361 IT team. With a noteworthy background in start-ups, plus experience in Silicon Valley, Carol has a remarkable work history - and a remarkable business mind.

Among other impressive jobs, Carol served as senior database architect for a $60 million division of Intuit, was senior database engineer for Kintera, and worked in management and IT for several Silicon Valley start-ups. All in all, she's been along for the ride as three of her employers went public.

Carol also served as the senior database architect for a disease tracking system for the Centers for Disease Control - and still holds active federal security clearance.

Carol has been with the Lift361 team since 2006, and now wears many hats. She uses her exceptional math and analytic talents to convert predictive models and apply them to customer data, she works closely with our statistics group, and she plans and supports our technical infrastructure.

Senior Statistician

Randy, whom we like to call "Dr. Tucker," holds a Ph.D. in statistics, which comes in handy around here. Randy is the architect behind much of our data analysis work, combining the theoretical discipline of statistics with building applications that have proven to be very successful for Lift361 clients.

Randy's passion for modeling data to identify useful information began 20 years ago, after enjoying a probability course on the way to earning a master's degree in mathematics from the University of South Alabama. He subsequently earned his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama Interdisciplinary Applied Statistics Program while helping Culverhouse College of Commerce students with statistical approaches to business decisions.

As an applied statistics consultant and researcher, Randy has worked with numerous companies to develop predictive sales models. Previous employers include Tempur-pedic, Worldwide Clinical Trials, First Mental Health, SpectRx and Ciba-vision. Randy has also taught at the University of South Alabama, Kennesaw State University, University of West Florida, University of Alabama, and Auburn University.

Randy's range of experience and enthusiasm for useful data help Lift361 clients improve their businesses every day.

Seth Hirsch
Manager Strategic Accounts

Seth is a true "insights" guy. Having started his career with us several years ago, Seth is a natural when it comes to looking at data and turning it into actionable intelligence. His ability to communicate these insights clearly is highly valued by clients and colleagues alike.

Seth asks excellent questions, knows exactly where to look in the data for the answers clients want, and works with our account teams to translate these findings into information clients can use to make better decisions. His insights have made a measurable difference for such clients as Stein Mart, Fashion Bug, Kohl's and Books A Million.

Seth holds a degree in geographic information systems from the University of Miami.

Russ Riggs
Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Russ is personable pragmatist, with a grounded, common sense approach to business and business decisions. That's why he is responsible for all of Lift361's financial, accounting, production and operational functions.

Before joining Lift361, Russ served as vice president of production for MailSouth, a direct mail advertising company specializing in shared/marriage mail. There, he was responsible for production facilities, safety and maintenance programs and the internal services department. He also helped build the company's human resources department and served as corporate controller.

Russ is a graduate of the University of Alabama with dual degrees in marketing and accounting.